What is Alpha Stim?

Now more than ever, Americans are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, insomnia, depression, and pain. Many who suffer from these mental affiliations don’t want to turn to prescription drugs, but unfortunately they’re often left without a viable alternative to treat their issues.

Until now.

Alpha-Stim® is an FDA cleared, non-invasive medical device that provides fast, safe, and effective treatment for many patients facing mental and emotional issues, and Alpha-Stim® for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and pain is gaining rapid popularity and credibility.

How does Alpha Stim Work?

Alpha-Stim® works by leveraging the brain’s electrochemical system. Because the brain operates and communicates with electric impulses, Alpha-Stim® uses a painless electrical microcurrent to restore natural balance to mind and body. 

Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) is applied to the earlobes via earclips, while microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) probes are placed on the pain site. For instance, when using Alpha Stim for pain in the leg, the CES earclips are still applied to the earlobes, and the MET probes are placed on the pain site of the leg.

Alpha Stim’s electrical microcurrents are then applied to help the body’s cells to return to their normal functioning state.

Due to its strictly physiological nature, Alpha Stim can be used alone, with other therapies or in conjunction with medication without risking other drug interactions. 

Alpha Stim Therapy

History Of Alpha Stim

In 1981, Electromedical Products International Inc. (EPI) was formed to develop, manufacture, and market Alpha Stim’s effectiveness. The original version of Alpha Stim weighed over 40 pounds, but thanks to technological advancements, Alpha Stim is now highly portable and easily accessible.

Alpha Stim has received regulatory approval in numerous countries touting Alpha Stim’s effectiveness for a wide host of ailments. The US FDA, the EU’s European Medical Device Regulation, Australia’s TGA and various other countries like China, Japan, and Korea have all given EPI their regulatory approval for Alpha Stim. EPI has even been awarded the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) safety listing, and EPI offers owner’s manuals and product brochures in 19 languages in order to service all of our patients and practitioners no matter what language they speak.

Is Alpha Stim Therapy Safe?

Yes! Over 100 independent, clinical studies have proven the Alpha Stim’s effectiveness and safety. Less than 1% of patients experience side-effects, and side-effects include headache and mild skin reaction at the electrode site.

These clinical studies have confirmed that Alpha Stim poses no risk of lasting side effects and zero risk of addiction. EPI is proud that Alpha Stim poses a safe, effective, and non-addictive alternative to patients seeking relief from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain.

What To Expect From Alpha Stim Therapy

Alpha Stim treatments can be safely administered in the comfort and convenience of your own home while doing everyday, normal activities. Simply apply the alpha conducting solution to the probe site, place the probes on the affected areas and slip the Alpha Stim device in your pocket as you continue to go about your normal day.

Probe treatments for pain typically take 2-5 minutes, while treatments using the earclips typically take around 20 minutes.

Patients often experience immediate relief, and because treatments are cumulative, we suggest daily treatments until patients experience a noticeable decrease in symptoms. After a noticeable decrease in symptoms, 2-3 treatments/week should suffice.

Some of the results from Alpha Stim therapy include:

  • Proven to improve mood and sleep for even highly treatment-resistant patients, as was evidenced by a recent study of advanced cancer patients at The University Of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Single treatments usually result in reduced anxiety that lasts for hours or days
  • Single treatments usually bring immediate pain relief
  • Insomnia symptoms being to improve after just one treatment (although significant results generally take around 4 weeks)
  • Depression symptoms improve after 3 weeks of daily treatment

Alpha Stim Therapy

Benefits Of Alpha Stim Therapy

  • Non-drug, FDA-cleared medical device
  • Clinically proven, patented waveform
  • Easy-to-use, portable, and painless
  • Fast acting, long-lasting, cumulative relief
  • No risk of addiction or lasting side effects

Try Alpha Stim Therapy Today

Alpha Stim therapy is a highly effective, non-drug, non-invasive medical solution to provide patients with relief from anxiety, depression, and pain. Most patients experience relief in as little as one treatment, and over 100 independent studies have confirmed Alpha Stim’s efficacy and safety.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your current treatment method or to find a new treatment method entirely, Alpha Stim can safely be used alone or in conjunction with other physical and pharmaceutical treatments.

Looking for more information on Alpha Stim and whether it’s right for you? Ask your doctor for more information on Alpha Stim today.

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