All of Your Conditions are Connected

If you are suffering from acute pain or a more chronic condition, our functional wellness approach could be the best way to restore your health and well-being.

The Functional Wellness wheel to the left shows some of the body functions and organ systems that can contribute to dysfunction in the body. So, we look at all of these areas as we work to restore you to health.

We evaluate the negative influences on these systems and work to restore better function and health to the body as a whole.

Functional Neurology

Dr. Austin is uniquely qualified to address the root causes of neurological, neurochemical and neuro-behavior symptoms and disorders. He helps patients’ brains achieve greater symmetry— a cornerstone to relieving symptoms, conditions and even dis-ease.

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Most traditional chiropractors focus on spinal care for pain symptoms, typically using manual adjustments or handheld instruments.  Dr. Austin’s practice is one which includes these common approaches, but also offers many other unconventional tools to address the complex interactions between the brain and body.

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Functional Nutrition

We focus on repairing and maintaining the health of all the systems of the body through personalized nutrition.  This holistic approach looks at your “whole” life – diet, medical history, lifestyle, stress and even emotions—to assess both your symptoms and solutions.

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A Testimonial From One of Our Patients

More than 10 years ago, I started Prilosec OTC for heartburn relief, and I would be miserable if I skipped a pill. Over the past year, the heartburn worsened, acid reflux was waking me up at night, and my physician simply recommended switching to Nexium, as if heartburn was just a normal part of life. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Austin by a friend. Dr. Austin helped me discover the source of my body’s inflammation. With a change in my diet, and some recommended supplements, I have been off Prilosec for two months, I have lost 14 lbs., I have more energy, and I actually spend less on healthy groceries. Dr. Austin has turned my health in the right direction, and as his business card states, he truly is a TRUSTED PARTNER for WELLNESS.
—Drew R.

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