Helping Your Body and Brain Play in Concert

The brain’s complexities are difficult to characterize, but act much like a symphony with many different interwoven parts—each play a role in the function and sound of the whole.  Like musicians in an orchestra, the brain has to time itself in order to function at peak efficiency.  In order to return more balance to the brain and reduce symptoms, we offer several modalities and exercises which selectively stimulate the parts of the brain which are under- or over-firing thus improving timing.  The goal is to strengthen the weaker parts of the brain and improve the integration/timing of the left and right hemispheres.

Hemispheric Integrative Therapy

Hemispheric Integrative Therapy is a relatively new modality used by specially trained Chiropractic Neurologists like Dr. Austin for the therapeutic treatment of brain function asymmetry/imbalance.  The first step requires testing to diagnose the part(s) of the brain that aren’t working properly.  Once the dysfunction is identified, he will determine the appropriate treatment modalities and how to specifically use them to reintegrate both sides of the brain as part of your Functional Wellness Plan.

So, how do you integrate the hemispheres of your brain, so that your body plays in concert?

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Initial Visit / Assessment

Your initial visit will cover your unique concerns and goals. It may last between 60-90 minutes. You will bring a health history, and we will conduct a detailed exam and testing.

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Functional Neurology Therapies

We offer several modalities and exercises which selectively stimulate the parts of the brain which are under- or over-firing. Read on to learn about some of the specific therapies we offer.

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Your Functional Wellness Plan

After your initial exam & testing is conducted, Dr. Austin will begin working with you on your Functional Wellness Plan, which is personalized to your condition, priorities, and lifestyle.

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A Testimonial From One of Our Patients

I started going to Dr. Paul Austin for some neck discomfort and I received so much more. His knowledge of the workings of the nervous system, balance, brain function, etc. has helped me tremendously. His suggestion of simple balance and eye exercises has helped with overall balance (something he calls brain function asymmetry/imbalance) – AMAZING the difference he makes in my overall wellness program. I would refer Dr. Austin to anyone!!! He is very personable and professional, also explains things in layman’s terms for easy understanding. Thanks for your help Dr. Austin!
—Kathy K.

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