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Improve Health with a Functional Neurologist in Boulder, CO

The brain is a complex organ, and no two are made exactly the same. You can improve your neurological health and wellness in Boulder, CO with the assistance of a chiropractic neurologist with the team at Austin Functional Wellness. We treat each patient in a way that focuses on their specific goals, combining functional nutritionist services, rehabilitation and chiropractic to improve processing speed, cognitive abilities and memory. Our goal is to move away from treatments that suppress function, and instead, open up your brain to newer and greater possibilities.

How Can You Benefit from an ADHD Specialist?

ADHD affects millions of people around the country, and treatment is usually delivered by way of medications. However, you can access a drug free treatment approach in Boulder, CO with the team at Austin Functional Wellness. Our non-invasive methods are customized to your unique needs, and are designed to strengthen neurological pathways in the brain. We treat adults and children alike, using techniques such as oculomotor training, reflex rehabilitation, interactive metronome, core muscle strengthening, music and light therapy and more, as well as comprehensive testing for food sensitivities.

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Are you looking for a functional neurologist in Boulder, CO who offers a wide range of non-invasive treatment options that can improve brain function? You can count on the team at Austin Functional Wellness. To find out more about our services, or for an appointment, call today at (303) 665-5405.