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Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

At Austin Functional Wellness, we believe that, to achieve true optimal wellness, you need a trusted holistic health partner who can help your body and brain function effectively. That is where Dr. Paul Austin can help. He focuses on Functional Neurology, Chiropractic, and Nutrition to bring you greater health and vitality.


Does this sound like you?

We Treat the Mind

Do you deal with brain fog, emotional instability, ADHD, or balance issues? Have you experienced a concussion, auto accident, or some other issue that is creating imbalance in your body’s function? You may not realize it, but these symptoms can all be treated effectively by a Chiropractic Neurologist.


How Is Your Nutrition?

How is Your Gut?

Do you have issues with your stomach or GI tract? Are you experiencing constipation, Hypoglycemia, IBS, heartburn, or low energy? Are you concerned that you may have a food sensitivity or allergy, but aren’t sure what food is causing you problems? Dr. Austin can test you for nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities and standard medical markers using specialized testing, to help identify the source of inflammation. Then, he can identify a customized wellness plan to help deal with these issues.


Functional Neurology & Traditional Chiropractic

We think you’ll be impressed by the number of conditions we treat. » Learn more about our Wellness Services.

Treating Autism and ADHD in Children


Utilizing Interactive Metronome, along with other treatment modalities and nutrition, we can help children with ADHD/ADD, developmental delays, and Autism.


Musculoskeletal problems and spinal pain


We provide traditional chiropractic spinal manipulation and adjustments to restore normal movement and alignment.


Looking for an alternative?


Our treatments are rooted in the philosophy that the body and brain can heal naturally with non-invasive treatment methods and nutritional therapies.



Dr. Austin is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I have been working with him for 4 months now to help me recover from a traumatic brain injury and post-concussion syndrome. He is a walking encyclopedia, and I wish I could download the knowledge from his brain to mine. He is also the most compassionate, enthusiastic, supportive, and genuinely kindhearted doctor I have ever encountered. He will do everything in his power to help you heal! I have made huge strides in my recovery in the past 4 months, and I am eternally grateful for his work.
—Nicole O.

For quite some time, our daughter struggled with digestive issues which left her feeling ill almost daily. After a long journey of pediatric visits, blood draws, and specialist examinations, we felt helpless and hopeless. Then, we ended up in the hospital with our 5-year-old having a colonoscopy and getting a polyp removed. During one of my appointments with Dr. Austin, I shared my daughter’s experiences. Sharing with Dr. Austin led us to, long waited for, answers as to the cause of her condition. Through his care, we discovered my daughter had a food allergy to a common ingredient that is used in almost everything she was eating. Soy is her archenemy! With this knowledge, our daughter is not only soy-free, but free from the daily digestive afflictions.

A thought from one of our Functional Neurology patients

After spending 2+ years going from doctor to doctor telling them my symptoms of extreme pain, dizziness, blurry eyes, tummy problems, back problems, memory issues, you name it, I probably had it, and all of them telling me it was just in my head, I had just about given up hope of ever feeling even semi normal on a day to day basis. Then I met a hormone doctor who believed me and referred me to Dr. Austin. I had never heard of functional neurology before but I figured it was worth a shot. Once I met Dr. Austin and started working with him on my road to recovery I knew I was the luckiest gal alive because I could tell that I had finally found THE doctor. The doctor who had the extensive knowledge and the genuine care for my well being, the one who could finally pin point each problem and explain to me why they were happening and exactly how to fix them. Slowly but surely my balance went from severely and profoundly reduced(horrible) to completely healthy. My head aches and nausea slowly disappeared. The extreme pain and tightness that would cause me to constantly shake my leg, slowly diminished. My vision got better. I went from not being able to walk half a mile without puking to being capable of running for 3-4 miles with zero signs of nausea or vomiting. That for me was absolutely life changing. I do not even have words for how amazingly talented and knowledgeable and kind Dr. Austin is. Without him, I don’t know what would have happened but I know it wouldn’t of been good. My life was returned to me in a way that I didn’t think was possible and I am eternally grateful.
—Sierra F.


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