What is Functional Wellness?

If you are suffering from acute pain or a more chronic condition, our functional wellness approach could be the best way to restore your health and well-being.

The Functional Wellness wheel to the left shows some of the body functions and organ systems that can contribute to dis-ease and dysfunction in the body. So, we look at all of these areas as we work to restore you to health.

We evaluate the negative influences on these systems and work to restore better function and health to the body as a whole.



As one of a select few active Board Certified Chiropractic Functional Neurologists in Colorado, Dr. Paul Austin provides high quality health and wellness care. He believes in developing a deep understanding of his patients, in order to give them the power to heal.


We believe that inflammation is a root cause of most health conditions our patients experience. The key to achieving optimal wellness is to identify and address the real source of your symptoms and “dis-ease.”


Dr. Paul Austin will create a personalized plan that is tailored to you. After an initial exam, he will recommend specific therapies to improve how your body and brain communicate and perform, while addressing underlying inflammation and pain.


We embrace an approach centered around YOU—respectful of and responsive to your preferences, needs, values and goals (NOT centered around disease). We encourage you to take an active role in orchestrating your Functional Wellness Plan.

Dedication to


At Austin Functional Wellness, we are dedicated to the environment. Our everyday practices to be a green business include: recycling, conserving energy, and LED lighting. We are conscious every day of how our business practices can make a positive difference in the world around us.

We’re proud to have have voluntarily supported wind energy through a subscription to Xcel Energy’s “Windsource” since 2003.

We’re also proud to have achieved Silver Certification from Louisville’s Green Business Recognition Program
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A Testimonial From One of Our Patients

I came to Dr. Austin primarily for severe neck, back and arm pain. As I got to know more about his Functional Wellness approach, I knew there was a better way to deal with the pain I felt after eating, poor sleep, low energy and excess weight. I didn’t like going to regular doctors, paying for expensive tests that I wasn’t sure I needed, and how impersonal it felt at times. Dr. Austin and his staff really listen and care—I felt they saw me as a human being, not just another “patient.” The lab work was reasonable and they didn’t force it on me. Now, I can run upstairs, wear a belt that fit me 3 years ago, sleep better, have more energy, and just feel more positive in general. My neck is better too!
—David F.

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