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The Benefits Of Seeing A Functional Neurologist In Broomfield, CO

There are many different paths to creating wellness and developing treatments customized to the individual. In Broomfield, CO, Dr. Paul Austin, a Nationally Board Certified Chiropractic Functional Neurologist at Austin Functional Wellness offers a unique skill set with both high and low tech therapies to assist patients in rehabilitation, drug-free treatment, and overall neurological health.

The field of functional neurology has gained increasing recognition in recent years, as more and more people turn to this specialized branch of chiropractic medicine for the assessment and treatment of neurological conditions. For those living in Broomfield, CO, seeking the help of a functional neurologist can bring many benefits.

Dr. Austin, our chiropractic functional neurologist works closely with each patient, creating a customized plan to address the patient’s goals for improving memory, cognition, focus and attention to enhance the brain’s functioning.

A Different Type of ADHD Specialist

Functional neurology takes a personalized and whole-body approach to neurological care, treating the underlying causes of symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves. This functional approach offers many benefits over traditional medical care, with very effective treatment outcomes and potentially a reduced reliance on medications. Dr. Austin does also work with patients who are being pharmaceutically managed by their medical doctor. Call us for more information on some of the specific benefits of functional neurology for various conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries, concussion, vertigo, movement disorders, aging brain and ADHD.

Unlike traditional medical ADHD treatments that rely on medications, our focus on functional wellness and functional neurology utilizes non-medication types of treatment, including the use of chiropractic care, somatosensory stimulation, oculomotor training, color and light therapy, Interactive Metronome, NeuroSensorimotor Integrator. In addition, we use core muscle strengthening and balance therapies to balance the body and brain and improve neurological functioning.

Using the latest techniques to support children, young people, and adults with ADHD, we develop a holistic treatment plan that helps to develop, strengthen, and create more effective neural pathways in the brain. This creates healthy, effective mechanisms and strategies to utilize the brain in managing ADHD without medications. Dr. Austin is also a certified practitioner through Imagine Colorado.

Often patients who may be suffering with ADHD have concurrent or comorbid conditions that can exacerbate the ADHD. Dr. Paul Austin, our functional medicine practitioner works with patients throughout the Broomfield, CO, area to test for food sensitivities/intolerances, lyme disease, mold sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, hidden infections, and gut dysfunction. With the information gathered from the testing we can create a customized eating plan to eliminate unhealthy foods from the diet thus reducing inflammation in the gastrointestinal system and throughout the body.

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