Hello to all my wonderful patients,
These are difficult times with the pandemic that is affecting people here and worldwide. Due to the CDC guidelines and recommendations we are taking steps to protect you, your loved ones, and our larger community.

We are here for those of you who have urgent or chronic needs. I am recommending that maintenance or wellness patients not schedule for appointments for at least the next couple of weeks unless you have a real need to be seen. If you are not sure if you should come in just call us and we will talk it though with you. If you believe you have possibly been exposed to the coronavirus or are exhibiting any symptoms like fever, fatigue, cough or other respiratory symptoms, please stay home and get tested immediately.

I am using best practices and sanitary techniques to make sure my office is cleaned after each patient. We only see one patient at a time and are wiping the treatment table down and washing our hands between patients. Your health is my top priority.

Remember that you can do a lot to maintain or improve your own immune system with good hydration, good nutrition, proper exercise, good rest/sleep habits, Vitamin D, C, Zinc, and other immune boosting herbs and supplements. As we are all being told, it is vital to wash your hands thoroughly and often especially if you are out in public or in proximity to others who may have touched surfaces such as door knobs. Remember also that Chiropractic care is an excellent immune booster by helping the nervous system to function more effectively.

I am here for you if you need me - there is no need to suffer in pain or have your recovery set back if you need to be seen. I hope we see an end to these extreme measures very soon. Stay healthy.
BTW we are loving our new office and location and hope you will come to visit and get a wellness adjustment in the near future.

Our new address is

1120 W. South Boulder Rd., Suite 201-A, Lafayette, CO 80026

Paul D. Austin DC, CCSP, DACNB

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