Dr. Paul Austin, Chiropractic Neurologist


The head of our team is one of a select few active Board Certified Chiropractic Functional Neurologists in Colorado. Dr. Paul Austin has been providing high quality health and wellness care since 1987.


Dr. Austin’s credo is to continually grow in knowledge and best practices in many different areas of chiropractic, functional neurology, nutrition and holistic care. He has participated in close to 1500 hours of post-graduate specialty education—holding a degree as a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), becoming Board Certified in Chiropractic Functional Neurology (DACNB), and trainings which integrate Functional Medicine and Nutrition with Functional Neurology and Sports Medicine. Dr. Austin has learned the most effective tools/techniques for working with patients who may have difficult and frustrating conditions that haven’t responded to traditional chiropractic or medical care.

At the core of Dr. Austin’s passion for helping patients through their wellness journeys is how he healed his own autoimmune symptoms.  As a child, Dr. Austin suffered from chronic sinusitis (which his mother told him was from allergies he had inherited from her). Hypoglycemia struck in his early 20s, which was resolved when a Holistic MD urged him to drink less alcohol, eat healthier, juice vegetables and fruits, and take supplements.  He suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) intermittently between his 30s and 50s, and also developed joint pain, migraines, eczema and psoriasis. After finally getting tested for food sensitivity to gluten and dairy, Dr. Austin eliminated just these two food groups—within 6 weeks his sinuses were clear, in 3 months the IBS was gone, and by 9 months his skin was clear.


Even for patients who are seeking traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Austin believes in treating the whole person, where optimal health is achieved through Functional Wellness—meaning all the bodily systems are working cooperatively at their highest levels.

When there is dysfunction or pain in one area, it may be connected to dysfunction or pain to other areas of the body and brain. A well researched example is the Brain-Gut connection: a concussion caused by an auto or bike accident can cause severe intestinal dysfunction, and vice versa.

Dr. Austin is an avid lover of the outdoors. He plays tennis competitively, hikes 14ers, runs, bikes, and loves to travel when he can. He has been married for 30 years to Amy and they have 2 kids ages 27 and 22.

If you want a genuinely compassionate, passionate and knowledgeable partner on your quest for greater health and well-being, Dr. Austin is eager to join you! 


Suzette Skidmore

Suzette started her journey in the health and wellness field by studying the impact of therapeutic grade essential oils. She is now considered an authority in the healing properties of essential oils.  She is also a nationally certified and licensed massage therapist, certified medical massage therapist and Reiki Master.  She offers therapeutic massage that combines several modalities she has studied over the last 11 years.

Additionally, she has developed the use of aura video cameras to help clients see exactly what is happening in their nervous system via bio- feedback.  She now offers clients chakra/aura pictures, interpretation of their photo, and clearings, rebalancing, education and therapies using different natural and holistic modalities.

She is the owner of Healing Solutions Inc. located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Suzette holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and is a member of the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professional (ABMP) since 2005.

Check out her website for more information at

MA, NC, Holistic Nutrition Counseling

Jen Simon

Jen Simon, MA, NC is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and owner of FoodWorks Wellness, LLC. She is a member of and Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, the credentialing organization for holistic nutrition practitioners.

Jen provides nutrition counseling to adults and children for health concerns, weight management, disease prevention, exercise nutrition, and general health. With her belief in the medicinal power of food, she helps her clients improve their quality of life through diet and lifestyle changes.  Using a functional medicine approach, Jen teaches how you can provide the body with optimal nutrition to bring it back into balance.  She will work together with you to formulate a plan and keep you on track to help you accomplish your goals!

Some of the health conditions and concerns that FoodWorks Wellness, LLC can address are weight management, Digestive issues  (IBS, GERD, constipation/diarrhea, bloating), food sensitivities, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Jen earned her B.A. in psychology in 1995 from Emory University and her M.A. in Varying Exceptionalities (Special Education) in 2000 from the University of South Florida.  She taught in various capacities, including special education and reading prior to becoming a nutrition practitioner.  She earned her nutrition certification from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in Boulder, CO in 2015 and has been combining her love of psychology, teaching, and nutrition to help clients achieve a healthier life.

For additional information about Jen and services she provides, please visit

Office Manager

Barbara Immele

​Barbara joined Austin Functional Wellness in May of 2014.  She is excited to meet and cultivate a relationship with every patient to better support you any way she can throughout your health journey!

Barbara developed her organizational and customer skills during her 30 years in the insurance industry as an insurance broker.  Like Dr. Austin, she loves working with people, problem solving and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Barbara, husband Bruce, and children Leann and Mark have been residents of Louisville since 1986.  She enjoys working in her “home town” and loves to garden, sing and spend time with family and friends.

A Testimonial From One of Our Patients

I came to Dr. Austin primarily for severe neck, back and arm pain. As I got to know more about his Functional Wellness approach, I knew there was a better way to deal with the pain I felt after eating, poor sleep, low energy and excess weight. I didn’t like going to regular doctors, paying for expensive tests that I wasn’t sure I needed, and how impersonal it felt at times. Dr. Austin and his staff really listen and care—I felt they saw me as a human being, not just another “patient.” The lab work was reasonable and they didn’t force it on me. Now, I can run upstairs, wear a belt that fit me 3 years ago, sleep better, have more energy, and just feel more positive in general. My neck is better too!

—David F.

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