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Functional Wellness Plan
in Lafayette, CO

Our treatments are rooted in the philosophy that the body and brain can heal naturally with non-invasive treatment methods and nutritional therapies.

The Path to a Better You!

The Functional Wellness Plan is specific to your condition, priorities, and lifestyle. This personalized plan of action begins with an initial comprehensive exam designed to assess and evaluate key systems in the body and brain which may be functioning poorly or less than optimally.

Dr. Paul uses a variety of hands-on and diagnostic tools unique to his expertise as a Functional Neurologist.  This enables him to conduct a detailed analysis of your body’s biochemical and physiological function to address contributing causes of symptoms and disorders.  He may also recommend in-depth functional laboratory testing and standard medical lab testing, depending on your symptoms and prior treatment.


Together with recommended testing, we can tailor your wellness plan to address:
  • Cortical function/memory issues
  • Vestibular and cerebellar malfunction
  • Eye movement dysfunction (connected to core instability and brain dysfunction)
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Cardiovascular and diabetes risk
  • Hormonal balance
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Genetic imbalances
  • Neuromusculoskeletal alignment
  • Chemical exposure
  • Food sensitivities
  • Autoimmune issues/Immune dysregulation

Available Therapies

We offer an array of complimentary therapies, prescribed individually or concurrently, to improve how your body and brain communicate and perform, while addressing underlying inflammation and pain:


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What People Say

Patients’ Testimonials

Brendan Wall
Brendan Wall
I came to Dr. Austin after experiencing dizziness for 3+ months. I had seen several specialists and nothing was working to make me feel better. After a month working with Dr. Austin, I am no longer dizzy. He is not only a great chiropractor, but an excellent neurologist, and a holistic practitioner. I could not recommend him enough!
Margaret Balhoff
Margaret Balhoff
Dr. Austin is incredibly knowledgeable about neurology and the brain. He is quite specific in his assessment and able to prescribe targeted exercises to help improve vision and balance. Dr. Austin is enthusiastic and passionate about his work, and cares deeply about helping his patients lead healthier, more enjoyable lives! I recommend him to my concussion clients to help with their recovery.
Phyllis Kretsch
Phyllis Kretsch
Dr Austin saw me on an emergency basis. I was in so much pain and he found time for me on short notice. He diagnosed my issue with precision and clarity and helped me understand what I needed to do going forward . In a very short time I felt so much better and was also helped toward future wellness.
Stacey Phillips
Stacey Phillips
I’m not even sure where to begin when I talk about Dr. Paul. His wealth of knowledge and ability to treat difficult problems that have plagued people for years is truly astounding. I have heard countless stories of lives changed through his work. I went to Paul (I’m using his first name because we so quickly became friends) because I wanted to see what all of the amazing tools in his office could do and to see if he could help me with eye-hand coordination. I came away with so much more! He also helped me with balance, timing, memory, and pain. And those are just the things I’m aware of; I’m sure he helped me with other things that only my body knows. Paul takes the time to thoroughly test and figure out where your body needs help and then he gets right to work teaching your body how to function at its best. His work can help with countless struggles and ailments from traumatic brain injury to ADD and everything in between. We are all different and have very different needs. To learn how Dr. Paul can help you, his beautiful website is one place to start. However, a phone call and/or consultation in his office will open you up to his brilliance and caring heart.
Phil Hendricks
Phil Hendricks
I first went to see Dr. Paul Austin about 10 years ago after trying my family MD to resolve very painful muscle spasms in my back without long-term success. They'd always come back intermittently. I was an admitted skeptic about chiropractors, but decided to try Dr. Austin on a friend's recommendation. The two words I can think of to describe my experience with treatment by Paul are "life changing". After following his prescribed exercises, along with his expert adjustments, I was pain free and have had no muscles spasms in my back for nearly 10 years. This summer I started having some pain in my neck and left arm. This time my family physician actually recommend that I try Dr. Austin again. After 5 treatments and some exercises, the pain is gone. No meds. No surgery. For me, the term "miracle worker" is not too strong in describing the value Dr. Austin has brought to improving my quality of life. Now I'm planning to stay on a regular tune-up regimen. I highly recommend Dr. Austin to anyone looking for pain relief, greater flexibility or other functional improvement, or any other aspect of improving how your body supports a better quality of life.
Lisa Citarella
Lisa Citarella
Dr Paul Austin is an extremely caring and educated doctor. I love that he has experience in sport chiropractic and neurology. What a great combo! His level of professionalism is also outstanding. It is a pleasure to recommend such a highly qualified professional.
Mandi Gutierrez
Mandi Gutierrez
Dr. Austin is absolutely incredible. He is extremely knowledgeable and cares 1000% about his clients. I have struggled with dizziness daily since October 2019 and after going doctor to doctor with zero real answers, I found Dr. Austin, who diagnosed me on my very first visit! Within two visits he adjusted me based on my diagnosis and the issue at hand, as well as taught me treatments and exercises that have immensely helped with being dizzy 24/7. I feel about 80-90% better and back to normal every day now! Thank you so much, Dr. Austin! I cannot recommend you and your practice enough.
Jackie Nichols
Jackie Nichols
"The best there is, for me... Always friendly and really cares about your well being !
Julia Munson
Julia Munson
I've known Dr. Austin for almost 20 years and can attest to what a brilliant practitioner he is. He is kind, warm, smart and so dedicated to his patients. He is a highly gifted chiropractor with the added benefit of understanding SO much about how our brains work. Over the years I've consulted him around nutrition, energy levels, sleep problems while also receiving top notch adjustments. He's a vital part of my healthcare team.
Ivy Worsham
Ivy Worsham
Dr. Austin is my first phone call every time I have the opportunity to fly back home. I always feel ten times better walking out of his office then I did walking in. He has helped me with chronic neck, sinus, and herniated disc issues. I just wish he made house calls in different states! Thanks for keeping me functioning at my best, you're a life saver Dr. Austin!!

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