At Austin Functional Wellness Center, we believe that combining functional nutrition and functional neurology can be the ultimate foundation for both preventing illness and healing conditions. Often, our patients enter care at our office after having been to several other practitioners. Many times they have already tried to deal with their health concerns, including brain fog, fatigue, weight gain/loss, diabetes, digestive issues, cholesterol imbalance, headaches, etc., with costly testing, medications, and/or surgery—with varying degrees of success. At Austin Functional Wellness the services of a functional neurologist and functional nutritionist are both available, improving your chances of success in dealing with the challenging ongoing problems you’ve been facing. 

Functional Nutrition

As a functional nutritionist, Dr. Paul’s view of nutrition includes not only WHAT we eat, but HOW, WHEN, WHY, and WHERE we eat. He asserts that even when you believe that you have a “healthy” diet, if you eat too fast, while angry, stressed, or in front of a computer, then you may not actually be absorbing or digesting these essential nutrients.  You also may not be absorbing your nutrition if you have “Leaky Gut” due to hidden sources of inflammation from food sensitivities or dysbiosis. Dr. Paul can test for and then treat these complex and harmful conditions. 

Once a comprehensive evaluation is done, previous testing is evaluated and/or new lab work has been performed, Dr. Paul will help you navigate the complexities of a personalized functional nutrition plan that addresses your unique needs. Or he may refer you to a qualified Certified Nutritionist here locally.

What Happens when you Visit a Functional Nutrition Practitioner?

A functional nutrition practitioner uses a multi-pronged diagnostic evaluation to assess the relationship between your brain and your nutritional status either as a SOLUTION or a CAUSE to your symptoms. You will first be required to complete an comprehensive New Patient intake before undergoing other tests. 

Some of the assessment tools may include:

  1. Brain Health & Nutrition Assessment Form: This is a personalized nutritional deficiency test questionnaire that assesses symptoms associated with organ systems, metabolic function, nutrition and brain dysfunction.
  2. Brain Region Localization Forms:  Dr. Paul uses these to help assess potential dysfunction in specific areas of your brain.  This can help to target specific brain or body areas or functions during the physical exam and this helps him with the therapies that he recommends.
  3. Functional Laboratory Tests: Dr. Paul follows up the history and questionnaires by performing standardized medical blood tests, MTHFR genetic testing, Micronutrient testing, Cortisol testing, Food Sensitivity testing and many others to check for imbalances in blood chemistry and immune function.  Dr. Paul, our functional medicine nutritionist uses the information from testing to assess for dysfunction and hidden sources of inflammation in your gut and body.  (Remember that the immune system regulates inflammation). Chronic unregulated inflammation from nutritional imbalances can lead to excess weight, gut issues, bone and joint pain, brain fog, poor memory, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, low energy, mood disorders and many other problems.
  4. Nourishment Logs: Instead of simply tracking how much and what you eat, the functional diagnostic nutritionist looks for patterns in your GI symptoms, emotions, bowel movements, energy level, sleep and physical activity, water consumption, and where/when/speed of snacks and meals.

After this exhaustive evaluation, the functional nutrition specialist at Austin Functional Wellness will prepare a personalized Functional Wellness Plan depending on the findings, investment, goals, and lifestyle. 

Dr. Paul is your Functional Nutrition Coach in Lafayette, CO

The Functional Wellness Plan prepared by Dr. Paul is tailored to your lifestyle, condition, and priorities. As your functional nutrition coach, Dr. Paul uses various hands-on and diagnostic techniques to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your body’s physiological and biochemical function to address the contributing causes of your symptoms and conditions. Call him today for a detailed analysis and treatment.

What People Say

Patients’ Testimonials

  • Sierra F.

    After spending 2+ years going from doctor to doctor telling them my symptoms of extreme pain, dizziness, blurry eyes, tummy problems, back problems, memory issues, you name it, I probably had it, and all of them telling me it was just in my head, I had just about given up...

  • Ivy W.

    Dr. Austin is my first phone call every time I have the opportunity to fly back home. I always feel ten times better walking out of his office then I did walking in. He has helped me with chronic neck, sinus, and herniated disc issues. I just wish he made house calls in...

  • Brandon K.

    Dr. Austin is one of the most brilliant, well-rounded health professionals I have ever met. He is able to analyze patients in a holistic way, which enables him to notice things most people miss. His breadth and depth of knowledge in neurology and chiropractic care allows him...

  • Natalie C.

    I came to Dr. Austin after suffering with a chronic illness and brain injury for nearly 2 years. I was afraid to be hopeful because I had already tried many things to heal and was struggling to make further progress. Dr. Austin has several ways of objectively testing brain...

  • Danielle V.

    Dr. Austin is an extremely knowledgeable chiropractic neurologist. He has capabilities to help with a variety of problems, but he specializes in the brain. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is recovering from a concussion, brain fog, or dizziness! And I think all...

  • Sarah Z.

    Dr. Austin's practice has given me the hope of recovery after a difficult brain injury. I found Dr. Austin after seeing many specialists - neurologist, rheumatologist, endocrinologist - and receiving an uncertain diagnosis that left me without a recovery plan. He has brought...

  • Dave K.

    We've been going to Dr. Austin for ~25 years. Dr. Austin is an intuitive and caring provider who listens to what we're asking for. Just and adjustment today? Fine. Something more wholistic? That's fine too. You'll be hard pressed to find a more skilled and compassionate...

  • Derick A.

    Dr. Austin pretty much saved my life. I was very dizzy from the moment I woke up until the moment a went to sleep every day this year. The feeling would never go away. I had very low quality of life, could barely drive and was on the verge of losing my job because I could no...

  • Chelsea D.

    Is there such a thing as a perfect person? Maybe not, but Dr. Austin sure does come close. Using "alternative" medicine can often be a confusing or scary experience for new people, which is what sets Dr. Austin apart from the rest. When a Doctor takes time to actually explain...

  • Chris R.

    No matter where I travel in the world, this is where I will come to have my spine cared for. I started here two years ago with horrible lower back pain and didn't have to come in for another adjustment for almost two years. Impressive holistic approach from this crew....

  • Dory J.

    I started working with doctor Austin in 1998 after a very thorough recommendation by Gail Denton who wrote the book "Brainlash".( btw: If you or someone you know has a traumatic brain injury- buy that book). Through several car accidents and multiple athletic injuries and...

  • Caylen E.

    I have been a patient of Dr. Austin's for many years now, after years of searching for a good chiropractor, and he is hands-down the best! I have never had my neck cracked so perfectly and I feel amazing after every appointment. He uses a lot of functional neurology...

  • Denise M.

    I've been seeing doctor Paul for close to 25 year. He has helped me through my pregnancy, he has adjusted my 21 year old daughter since she was 2 days old. I suffer from lower back, shoulder, and migraine headaches. He has been able to provide relief and continued treatment...

  • Heather Z.

    I have been seeing Dr Austin for years now, originally after a car accident but now more for tune ups. He is one of the most caring and educated healers I have ever been to. I have many friends that have started seeing him as well and they have all been very pleased with the...

  • Jason C.

    Dr. Austin and his entire staff are highly recommended! I was referred to Dr. Austin from a to chiropractor in Arizona... And I've been exceptionally happy! He has very deep knowledge, a heart to serve and cares about people, and he's great with explaining things and my...

  • Elspeth A.

    I have known Dr. Paul since I was 6 years old. He is the most caring and knowledgeable doctor. If you are looking for a new chiropractor I strongly recommend you go see him. He is wonderful!

  • Kathy D.

    Dr. Austin is my chiropractor of choice because of his vast knowledge in sports medicine, neurology, and nutrition to train the root cause of any issue I may have. It is not a blind treatment which is what I have seen in many other chiropractic offices. I am currently...

  • Jesse S.

    I was pretty nervous to get my very first adjustment, but Dr. Austin put my mind at ease. Hugely knowledgeable and very kind. The whole experience was exceptional!

  • Kathy K.

    I started going to Dr. Paul Austin for some neck discomfort and I received so much more. His knowledge of the workings of the nervous system, balance, brain function, etc. has helped me tremendously. He suggestion of simple exercises has helped with overall balance (something...

  • Kathryn M.

    He is a master of his craft. I've used him for about 20 years. He's helped with posture improvement, subluxation, and various injuries.

  • Nathalie P.

    Have been bringing my children and myself to Dr Austin for over 10 years! From neuro support to mental and physical wellness, he looks at our whole bodies and provides nourishing enhancement, alignment and support. Truly grateful for all he does for our family.

  • Genna M.

    I love Dr Austin! He is extremely knowledgeable and excited to share his knowledge. I know that I'm never just going in for a quick fix adjustment. He takes time to talk to you and truly understand exactly what is going on with your body. He is wonderful.

  • Allison J.

    Dr. Austin changed my life. I’m not exaggerating. When I went to see him I was experiencing extreme back pain! Sometimes the pain would shoot down my leg to my foot. I had already seen two healthcare professionals who diagnosed me with Degenerative Disc Disease. One laid out...

  • Bruce I.

    Dr. Austin has been an incredible help to me in over coming chronic back pain. I have seen a lot of doctors over the years to deal with my back and he is the first one to figure out how to help me. Through his guidance I am relatively pain free, eating healthier, loosing 20...

  • Alan B.

    Dr Austin takes special care and pride in his role to heal people and guide them down a healthier path. If it wasn’t for Dr Austin‘s approach after my back had failed I probably would not have been able to walk today, and wouldn’t be as healthy or happy as I am.

  • Cedrick N.

    Dr Austin is one of the best doctor you will ever go to. He is a humble, authentic and caring doctor who also has an impressive knowledge of the human brain and body. I can't say enough about him and highly recommend him.

  • Jim O.

    I have never believed in chiropractors. My best friend, a long distance runner, swore by his. After an injury at home (wrenched my neck and back badly), I saw my primary care doctor. He said I may have shingles and my accident caused it to materialize. After a week of...

  • Ben S.

    I've been a patient of Dr. Austin for a few years now. He has always gone the extra mile to relieve my pain. He helped me recover from an auto accident and has continued to treat me for chrinic back and shoulder issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Austin.

  • Trisha P

    I recently moved to Colorado and started seeing Dr Austin after a recommendation from my sister. So far, I am impressed with his approach to treatment, his bedside manner and his knowledge of the brain / body connection. Dr. Austin has a great combination of a friendly and...

  • Leslie T

    My daughter visited Dr Austin for about a year for assisting in balancing her right and left brain. She was having alot of anxiety and couldn't do simple tasks like jumping jacks (she was 8 years old). He also provided chiropractice wellness care and advice on home exercises....

  • Darla B

    Dr Austin is a spectacular Chiropractic Neurologist! Concussion recovery - top notch. He handles complicated medical conditions that most Chiropractors have no grasp for. Check him out!

  • Donna S

    I have known Dr. Austin for over ten years. We met after I had a nasty roller blading accident. I was working 80+ hours/week at the time and was at a place in my life that I was unable to make any changes and really needed help just maintaining until I could. Dr. Austin...

  • Natalie C

    I came to Dr. Austin after suffering with a chronic illness and brain injury for nearly 2 years. I was afraid to be hopeful because I had already tried many things to heal and was struggling to make further progress. Dr. Austin has several ways of objectively testing brain...

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