What to Expect

Most of our new patients have sought solutions to relieve their pain and symptoms from other health practitioners or on their own.  Others seek to prevent illnesses and promote wellness.

Our primary goal is to determine how our holistic ​approach can better address your unique concerns and goals.  Depending on the complexity of your symptoms, this initial visit can last between 60 – 90 minutes.

Prior to our initial visit, patients will be required to fill out an extensive history, in addition to a brain health and nutrition symptom forms. Links to those forms can be found on this page (give us a call to find out which ones you’ll need).

During your initial Functional Wellness Visit we will professionally perform and review the following:​

Current and Past Health and Medical History

CAPS Balance and Gait Testing

Primitive Reflex Testing

Physical, Orthopedic and Neurological Exam

Eye Movement Function Testing

Recent Laboratory Test Results

Upon Completion

Once we complete your initial assessment, you may receive a treatment depending on your unique condition.  Then we will schedule you for the Report of Findings to review your exam, lab, and survey findings.  Together we will begin to develop your personal Functional Wellness Plan, which may include recommendations for further testing, in-office or at-home therapies and exercises, or nutritional therapies.


A Testimonial From One of Our Patients

This is your star student! The Interactive Metronome really did change my life! I just came from tennis camp, and I have so much control over the ball, and I didn’t know I could control the power of my hit. Also, after I finished, when I told my brain that I needed to slow down, I could actually feel myself slow down and I felt the right brain kick in! Your program has really changed my life.

—Eleana C.

P.S. Also, when I eat, I’ve slowed down, and since ending the program, I’ve never actually been stuffed like I was before. I eat slow enough that my stomach can tell my brain it’s full!

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